Off to a Great Start

Just a couple of days into the project and already at 22% funding – thanks to everyone who’s been pledging and sharing the page!

This afternoon to help move things along I did an “Ask Me Anything” post at and was amazed at the response – almost 400 questions and comments, some really great feedback, and the feeling that people are really getting behind the project!

From the comments on Reddit, on the Facebook page, and from chatting with people I’ve decided to add some new reward tiers, and some new recipes to the book…

Several people said they wanted to try my actual recipes, so tomorrow I will be adding some new reward tiers which will include freshly baked pasties – watch this space!

I’ve also had interest about vegan, and gluten free pasties and can confirm that there will be several vegetarian and vegan recipes going in the book, and that I’m now working closely with Michele Vilseck, author of Gluten Free Made Easy to develop a gluten free pasty recipe to include in the book. Please check out Michele’s own Kickstarter project for more gluten free recipe ideas!

Thanks again everyone, and please keep supporting the project. If you have the chance to share it on Facebook or Twitter that would really help ;)

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Kickstarter Pitch Video

Apparently Kickstarter projects with videos are WAY more likely to get funded than ones  with only text and pictures.  If you’ve not been to the campaign page yet, this is the pitch video I made…

Want to find out more?  Head over to Kickstarter to pledge your support and pre-order the book!

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Cornish Pasty Kickstarter is Live

The Kickstarter campaign for my forthcoming book, provisionally titled “How to make an award winning Cornish pasty” is now live.  Please visit the page, pledge your support, and share it on Twitter and Facebook!

I’m aiming to raise £1200 to fund the development and publishing of the book, and I have 30 days to do it so every penny really will help, and you can get some great rewards for pledging – from £4 for a digital copy of the book, to printed copies, T-shirts and more.

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