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A Book by Billy Deakin, THREE Times Cornish Pasty Champion

In 2012 The Eden Project, with the support of The Cornish Pasty Association, hosted the inaugural World Pasty Championships.  As a keen amateur cook, a Cornishman, and a pasty lover I decided to enter, and took first place in the Amateur Cornish Pasty category.  A year later, I successfully defended my title, officially making me 2 times Amateur Cornish Pasty World Champion..

Once could have been a fluke, but after winning twice I think it's safe to say that I know how to make a proper pasty!  So now I want to share my passion for pasties, and teach some of my techniques, tips and recipes in a book which is titled:
"How To Make An Award Winning Cornish Pasty".

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The book includes a history of the pasty from the earliest recorded recipes to the 2012 "Pasty Tax" scandal and more, along with an in depth discussion on ingredients, tips and tricks for getting a perfect crust and the all important crimp, fun pasty facts, a look at the fantastic work carried out by The Cornish Pasty Association and The Eden Project in championing this important part of Cornish heritage, and of course my award winning pasty recipe, along with a number of other related pasty and pie recipes

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Since publishing the book, Billy has entered the World Pasty Championships 2 more times, taking a third place and another win for a total of 3 World Pasty Champion titles! Read all about the competition, the history of the pasty, and of course Billy's tips and secrets for making an award winning pasty in the book!

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